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  • Canley Alu epoxy stick 115g

    Canley Alu Epoxy Stick is a repair material for aluminum and metal. After hardening, the product can be worked, drilled, threaded and sanded. The product is resistant to water, fuel, oil, chemicals, etc.

  • Canley Antiseize Graphite, graphite paste 500g

  • Canley Aqua epoxy stick 115g

    Canley Aqua Universal stick is a non-shrinking and elastic repair material for repairing PVC, ABS, CPVC and other plastics.

  • Canley Copaslip, copper paste 100g tube

    Copaslip copper paste is a special grease resistant to high temperatures, which provides optimal protection against corrosion, erosion, oxidation and the welding together of surfaces when the surfaces are under high pressure and high temperatures.

  • Canley Copaslip, copper paste 500g

  • Canley Metal epoxy stick 115g

    Canley Metal Epoxy Stick is a fast-hardening repair material that can be used to make fast and durable repairs to metals, concrete, plastic and wood, e.g. grain silos, wear protection, etc.

  • Canley MolySlip Alumslip, aluminum paste 500g

  • Canley Wood epoxy stick 115g

    Canley Wood Epoxy Stick is a non-shrink repair material for repairing wood. After hardening, it can be worked, drilled, sanded, filed, painted, etc. The product is well suited for repairing damage and cracks in all types of wood.

  • MCC (EP) machining paste 450g

    Molyslip MCC is a metalworking & threading paste with very good lubrication properties. The substance is particularly suitable for machining hard and soft metals, such as titanium, alloy steels, stainless steel and nickel compounds. High-quality pressure-resistant additives (EP) and molybdenum disulfide enable the use of high machining forces and excellent friction resistance.

  • Moly Copa Slip, copper paste 500g jar

  • MolySlip Ceramic paste 500g

    Molyslip Ceramslip is a high quality, metal-free anti-seize compound designed to protect fasteners from seizing caused by extreme temperatures, pressure and corrosion.

  • MolySlip MTG, machine tool grease 450g

    Molyslip MTG is a lithium-based machine tool grease with added molybdenum disulfide, effective high pressure (EP) resistant and anti-rust additives.

  • MWF metal working lubricant 350ml

    Molyslip MWF is a concentrated cutting fluid that contains a unique oil-soluble molybdenum compound mixed with effective high-pressure-resistant and anti-seize additives. Improves cutting and measuring accuracy, the quality of the working surface and extends the life of the tools. Little heat generation.

  • Pump brush 500g

    Pumppuharja sopii käytettäväksi 500 gramman purkkien kanssa.

  • Pump brush nozzle 11mm

  • Pump brush nozzle 17mm